Interest in moving from a large metro area to a suburban community (such as those in Ventura County) is gaining popularity.  Here are  few reasons why:

Quality of Life:  As crowding and congestion in big cities gets worse, many consumers want to drive less and live more.  We’re seeing increased interest from buyers who want a better lifestyle (less congestion, crime, pollution).  Ventura County offers the best of small community living but is close to both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Affordability – With the average home price in good quality neighborhoods of Los Angeles and San Diego County now exceeding $1 million, Ventura County is an affordable alternative.  In many cases, local communities are 25-40% less than their big city counterparts, making home ownership within reach for more buyers.
Telecommuting – As the world changes, so too do the ways in which people conduct business.  Telecommuting is fast becoming a trend in many industries.  With video conferencing, meetings and business can be conducted in a virtual sense, saving time, travel and money.

Research before you move. It’s important to understand the culture you’re joining. We can help you research to learn about school systems, neighborhoods, parking, weather, public transportation, and laws specific to Ventura County. Contact us at 805-351-3500 to discuss which areas are right for you and plan to visit soon.

You’ll love what you see!