July real estate update for Ventura County:  Sales continued to see an increase of home sales and prices.  Overall, Ventura County had 866 sales for the month, on par with 2019’s 862 with average home prices accelerated to $838,800, up from 2019’s $759,200, an increase of 10.4%.  In short, Ventura County is a hot real market. 

Camarillo had homes sale of 113 vs 116 in 2019 with home prices up 3.3% to $721,300. 

Ojai again has 28 sales in July with average prices at $1,270,300. 

Oxnard had 134 homes sold in July with a 20% jump in average price to $727,800. 

Ventura had 100 homes sold with a 10.4% rise in average home price to $838,800.

Short term forecast: With low inventory and historically low mortgage rates, we believe that sales will remain strong through the summer.  The number of homes sold has bounced back as buyers, many of whom have not been affected economically, continue to see Ventura County as a desirable and more affordable coastal alternative to major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties.